Saturday, January 14, 2012

Joys of Parenting

I was recently out to dinner with some friends who don't have kids. Corrie and I were talking about how tough it has been getting used to life with two beautiful and straight crazy little girls. They commented that hearing all the difficulties doesn't quite "sell" the idea of parenthood to them. That conversation got me thinking ... though parenting is challenging (and will only get worse as the girls get older!), there are many amazing, joyful and fulfilling moments too. Below are just a few from the past few months.

  • As Ania nearly lost her mind during a drive yesterday, Corrie turned around and held her hand. Ania quickly squeezed Corrie's finger and held on for dear life ... and instantly stopped crying. A simple touch brought peace to the car. Eva then proceeded to sing a lullaby to "help" Ania fall asleep. Priceless.
  • Ania smiles. BIG smiles. I could stare into her eyes for days.
  • Every single day I come home from work I can see Corrie feeding Eva dinner through the kitchen window. As soon as my car door shuts Eva erupts with excitement because Daddy's home. There's no greater feeling then the shrill of excitement that comes from her mouth as I walk through the door.

  • Eva put on her own underwear. Awesome.
  • In December we went to Disneyland. Eva is a daughter after my own heart ... she excitedly rode the Matterhorn as a 2 year old! She gave huge hugs to every character she met and chased Goofy down the street in Toontown. Ania was a champ and rode quietly in her Baby Bjorn like it was the best ride in the place.

  • I was trying to choose a show for Eva to watch and asked her what she wanted to learn about. She is eating up the ABC's right now, so I assumed she'd want to watch a show about that. Instead, she quietly responded, "I want to learn about God." Slays me.
  • Watching all our friends, babysitters, and family members love our little girls just as much as we do brings joy to my heart. It's fun getting to do life together as one big extended family!

Though everyday isn't a walk in the park, it is these moments, memories ... these glimpses of grace and goodness ... that can bring sanity and joy to the soul.

May these thoughts be an encouragement to reflect upon similar moments in your own life today.