Monday, September 13, 2010

Behind the Curtain: August - September

Last we posted, Adam was leaving for Malawi and Corrie was staying behind with Eva.

Fast forward a month ... and this is all that happened:

Adam made it to Malawi and back.
In South Africa, Adam's rental car blew two tires in the middle of nowhere.
But, Adam made it home safely.

In Malawi, Adam made lots of plans.
Adam met with local village chiefs to plan for village development.
Adam met with a woman who oversees a human rights agency in Malawi. 
Adam met with the leadership team of Flood Malawi Church and planned and made goals to strengthen the church.
Adam plans to return next summer to see these plans to fruition.
Adam likes to plan. 

At home, Corrie tended to a sick child.
Eva had a urinary tract infection, kidney infection, 103 degree fever, vomited twice, and had another heart episode.  In one night.
Eva was really sick.
Eva is now better, but the doctor has ordered more tests to see what caused the infections. 
We wait. We pray. We trust God regardless of the outcome.

At home, Corrie is a kick butt attorney.
She won two  huge motions and made clients happy.
Her firm is busy and doing well, which is a blessing in this economy.
Corrie writes motions, talks with clients and converses with judges.
Corrie is a kick butt attorney.

Upon returning home, Adam went straight to Flood's church retreat and prepared for the biggest month of the year.
The college students returned and so did the bulk of his job.
He plans and speaks and counsels and prays.
Adam is a kick butt pastor.

There's much more to say, but this is the best we can do to recap a month in 5 minutes.  In our free time we have also begun the house search once again and are training for a half marathon.

We look forward to celebrating Eva's 1st birthday on October 4th!

This has been one crazy year.

Adam & Corrie

ps. Oh yeah ... Eva has begun taking steps all around the house. We hope to have her join us in November for the half marathon!