Monday, December 21, 2009

Eva Update #4

So we survived another night at the hospital. Corrie got much more sleep this time and Eva did not have any more episodes. We just spoke with our doctor and we will be discharged today. They increased the dosage, so we now have to give the heart medicine four times a day. Eva has literally been in good spirits this whole time. She has become the talk of the floor as nurses keep telling other nurses about the "Gerber baby" in room 322. Apparently she was looking so cute at 4am that one of the nurses unhooked her from everything and paraded her around for everyone to get a look. They also told us she is the most talkative 2 month old they have ever seen ... apparently she takes after her mother. If anything, this visit has confirmed that we will begin entering Eva into baby beauty pageants very soon :)
Thank you for all your care and concern once again.
Merry (almost) Christmas!

Adam, Corrie & Eva

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Eva Update #3

So we were hoping our last update would be our last, but we find ourselves back in the hospital again. Earlier today Eva had a follow up appointment with her cardiologist. When they did the EKG, she was having another SVT episode as her heart was beating 285 beats a minute. They immediately called in the doctor and attempted to break her out of the episode. They had to take a bag of ice and smothered her face for 30 seconds to "shock" her out of it. While it was quite traumatic for Corrie to watch, it worked and they sent us over to Children's again. We are in room 322. Eva will now be monitored for another 24 hour period as they increase the dosage of her heart medicine.

We truly appreciate everyone's love and concern for us during this time.

Once again, we can not receive any visitors, but hopefully we'll be headed home tomorrow. Corrie and I are both in good spirits, all things considering, and for some reason, every time Eva has had to go to the doctor or hospital she's always in her happiest mood.

Adam, Corrie & Eva

Friday, December 11, 2009

Eva Update #2

Hey everyone,
Good news! We have been discharged from the hospital!

Eva did not have any episodes of increased heart beats (SVT) in the last 24 hours, so we get to go home. Corrie is excited to build upon her 2 hours of sleep from last night.

For the near future, Eva will be on a medication that is supposed to slow her heart rate down and we have to monitor her heart daily. The hope is that this condition will fade away within the year. If it does not, we will just have to watch it as she grows older. Worse case scenario would be having a minor heart surgery when she is a few years older to fix the problem.

Thanks for everyone's prayer and support. It truly means the world to us. We feel so blessed to have such an incredible community. This experience led us to trust God even more. May we all learn to trust Him in all things, especially during this Christmas season.
Good night!

Adam, Corrie and Eva

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Eva Update #1

Hey everyone,
So we had a bit of a crazy afternoon.
Last week we had to monitor Eva's heart for 24 hours to check for any irregularities. Around 3pm this afternoon we got a phone call from the doctor saying that they had found a concern and asked us to bring her to Children's Hospital immediately so that they can monitor her for up to 3 days. Corrie frantically packed our bags, I came home from work (and nailed my knee on the door frame rushing into the house ... I literally doubled over in pain and am now hobbling around the hospital like an idiot!), and we all headed to the hospital.

After a long check-in process, we are finally settled into our room and got all the news regarding her heart.

Basically, Eva has a condition called WPW, which leads to periods of an increased heartbeat in the lower chambers of her heart. The at home monitor picked up a 3 hour period where Eva's heart was beating over 300 beats a minute! The doctors want to do an EKG, Echo scan, chest X ray and put her on a drug called propranolo to slow down her heart.

While I'm sure there are more details to come, the doctor told us that 2/3 of infants who have this problem grow out of it within their first year. The other third may grow up with the condition, but for most it does not cause any major problems. We actually have a friend (along with her mom and sister) who has WPW and is fine.

For the time being, we'll be hanging with Eva and hope to get some clearer answers and next steps as the day/night continues. We will definitely send out another update when we have more definitive info. Unfortunately, due to the stupid swine flu, they won't allow any visitors in the hospital ... not even grandparents :( Corrie will be sleeping here with Eva tonight and I'll head home late tonight and return early in the morning.

We would ask that you pray for Eva's health and our sanity. Eva seems to be holding up better then we are ... as Corrie and I keep losing it every now and then. We just gotta keep breathing and trusting God. We feel blessed to have such a supportive community around us. Thanks for all your love and prayers.

Adam, Corrie and Eva (smiling below!)