Friday, May 28, 2010


An open letter to those sitting within ear shot of seats 43B and 43C:

We're sorry. We know we could have just driven somewhere. We know you paid good money for your seats. We know you deserve a vacation just as much as we do. And we know you like it quiet. Real quiet. We've worked really hard all week attempting to adjust Eva's schedule. Hopefully she'll just smile and bat her eyes at you, making you feel bad for judging such young parents. In the likelihood that she does blowup in an act of infant terrorism, please forgive us. She's not dangerous, just loud. We'll be there soon enough ... and the drinks are on me.

The couple sitting in 43B and 43C

Corrie, Eva and I are taking our first family vacation tomorrow! We're headed to Kauai, Hawaii and couldn't be more excited. We'll be spending the week with Corrie's immediate family in a (hopefully) great little beach house. Corrie has not only been working hard at Wirtz Hellenkamp, LLP ... writing some incredible and exhaustive motions ... while being an amazing mother to Eva, wife to myself and friend to all. I've enjoyed all the end of year festivities that come with being a College Pastor and making arrangements for a return to Malawi in August. Eva's heart has been stable since our last hospital stay. She is growing into a strong willed and curious little adventurer. She crawls all around the house and is obsessed with anything that has a cord. Her latest trick is pulling herself up, which she does often with a huge smile on her face.

Though we're not going to get to sleep in too much on this vacation, hopefully we'll get to unwind on the beach and enjoy some amazing hikes, conversations and meals together as a family.

Here goes nothing ...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

All Corrie wanted for Mother's Day was to sleep in.

It is now 9am.

Corrie has been asleep for nearly 10 hours.

Dad wins!

We have been on the go the past few weeks. From surprise hospital stays, to a weekend trip to Newport Beach with friends, to huge motions due at Corrie's work, to interviewing 13 potential interns, to midnight showings of Iron Man 2, and to living with out deodorant for a week because it has taken us that long to unpack our suitcases from last weekend ... life has been full. Last night we were able to put our lives back in order. By order I mean that we put our suitcases away, folded laundry, officially baby proofed the house, properly deoderized and caught up on TV shows (I know we're pathetic ... but we now can talk with our friends about the latest Office episode!).

As I celebrate Mother's Day, I celebrate an amazing wife and mother who does it all. Even though she may forget her deodorant, she never forgets to be an amazing mom to Eva and (at times) myself :)

Here are some pictures from Eva's first time at the pool.